Weekly Miami Fishing Report 7/6-7/9

Conditions Brief:

The weather conditions continue to be in our favor. Glassy conditions allow for quicker trips to fishing grounds, and a better experience overall. Showers and thunderstorms slowed down earlier in the week, but are back during their typical afternoon cycles. 

Weekend outlook: (7/7-7/9)

Conditions appears to be similar to that of the previous week. Expect clam seas, and occasional thunderstorms rolling in and out during the afternoons. Winds pick up slightly during midday. 

SPJ/Vertical Jigging report:

Reports were a little quiet this week. But that doesn't mean quality fish are not out there! For our vertical jiggers, the bonita are in good numbers, and who doesn't love a solid fight? If you're lucky, maybe a few blackfin will be among them. For our SPJ enthusiasts, don't let a slow week discourage you. Dropping a jig at the right place, at the right time could land what you're looking for. Anyways, a bad day on the water beats a good day staying home 😎