Weekly Miami Fishing Report 7/20-7/23

Conditions Brief:
Seas continue to be very calm, especially in the morning, fairly dry most of the day. Afternoons may bring a scattered storm or two. It will be a hot weekend!
Heat advisory in effect in Miami. Avoid heat exhaustion by drinking plenty of water and taking breaks in the shade when possible. 
Weekend outlook: (7/21-7/23)
Expect sunny clear skies most of the day with a few scattered storms in the later afternoon. Chance of precipitation this weekend during time of writing: 35%
SPJ/Vertical Jigging report:
Solid muttons out of Haulover inlet. If you're up for the challenge, whip out a few slow pitch jigs when you get bored of bottom fishing. Nice bonitas around for the vertical jiggers with an occasional almaco or amberjack on the wrecks. 
NEW! Surf/Pier Report:
Pilchards are scattered in good numbers along the surf, and very large pods surround the Newport Fishing Pier in Sunny Isles Beach. Schooling tarpon, jacks and snook are seen cruising, sometimes chasing the pods. A rapala x-rap or live bait fished on the edges of the schools should do the trick! The pilchards are fairly small, so a 1/4" mesh cast net will stop them from getting stuck in your net. 
Tarpon Schooling:
Large Pilchard Pod By Sunny Isles Pier