Weekly Miami Fishing Report 7/13-7/16

Conditions Brief:

Seas continue to be very calm, especially in the morning. It's been relatively dry this week with not much rain to speak of. Nearly flat conditions to light chop in the afternoon. Weekend forecast appears to bring thunderstorms into the afternoon. Heat advisory in effect in Miami! Avoid heat exhaustion by drinking plenty of water and taking breaks in the shade when possible. 

Weekend outlook: (7/14-7/16)

Calm seas and thunderstorms into the afternoon. Expect clear skies in the early morning with clouds moving in through the afternoon. Chance of precipitation this weekend during time of writing: 61%

SPJ/Vertical Jigging report:

Fishing reports turned up a little better this week. A few good muttons caught on SPJ tackle. Tons of large bonitas around for vertical jiggers. Expect a few scattered kingfish and other species to hang around the wrecks. The cool thing about slow pitch and vertical jigging is you'll never know what you'll hook! We've seen everything from grunts to sailfish get caught on jigs!